Everything To Know About Typosquatting

With the increase in cybercrime, cybercriminals have also increased their level of attacks. One of the techniques used by hackers includes Typosquatting which is being used more aggressively to access a user’s personal and financial information and spread malware infection.

In case, you typed in a web address but came across a website that you did not intend to visit; you might be familiar with what is known in the cyber-world as URL hijacking. It includes a website being placed in front of the original website to capture some traffic of the source website.

It is good to remember that these websites often rely on small typing errors made by the user. Recent research has pointed to the fact that these websites have similar names but the extension is a bit changed such as .com becomes .cm

The professionals at the Mcafee Support team recommend that you remember, the websites with .cm extension are used for collecting user data along with advertising promotions and surveys.

How can I keep myself secured against Typosquatting?

The experts working for the Mcafee Customer Support have more than a decade of experience in handling issues related to your online safety. They have come up with some easy-to-follow step to ensure that you remain safe from Typosquatting. Kindly follow the guidelines below;

  1. Whether you are typing in the web browser address bar or in a search engine, always be alert about spelling the address correctly. Connect with our skilled Mcafee Customer Service experts to know more about this.
  2. In case you are visiting a website that requires your private information then look for a green lock symbol. This is located on the upper left-hand corner of the web browser address bar. It indicates that the website is safe for browsing and sharing information.
  3. Always be on the lookout for websites that have low-quality graphics or contain spelling mistakes. These are the first signs of a website being fake or original.
  4. Bookmark the websites which you visit on a regular basis to go to the correct link every time.
  5. Do not click on link in emails from unknown sources and never on popup messages appearing on your web browser.
  6. Consider using a safe search tool to browse the internet as this will reduce the risk of you landing at the wrong page. Let the professionals at the Mcafee Support help you with this issue.
  7. Install a reliable antivirus and internet security software on your PC to keep it safe against common virus and malware programs.

Want to know more about what other issues can impact your online safety? Connect with our experts at Mcafee Contact Number UK 0-800 368 9229 to know more on keeping your PC safe against any malware or other harmful programs.

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