The Most Secured Email Services For 2018

The increasing cyber-attacks on PC and laptop users worldwide have led to an increase in the demand for a permanent solution to stop cybercriminals. Ransomware has proven to cyber-security companies and individuals that your data can be accessed by anyone if there is not a data security solution in place.

Both businesses and individuals have been affected by cybercrime at different point of time. With the number of applications that a user can install, also come some of the most dangerous virus and data stealing programs. An average user who is not that tech-savvy might end up sharing their data or information with the wrong person when they are online.

In such a situation, the person on the other end is mostly a data thief looking to access the user’s data. Users who are not that sure should prevent communication, especially when they receive an email asking them for their financial and personal information. In such circumstances, it is advisable to look for a professional technical support expert. We suggest that you connect with the McAfee Customer Support experts to keep your data safe.

How can I ensure that the emails sent and received by me are not accessed by a hacker?

Installing a secure email service is the best way to keep your email communication secured against any unauthorized person. These services not only secure and keep your email encrypted but also hide your online identity. A number of pre-existing email services might be good for an average user. However, if you are looking to move a step ahead and secure your online communication then a regular email service won’t do you much good.

Our skilled professionals at the McAfee Customer Support possess a vast experience in the technical industry. They have made us a reliable name whe

  1. Mailfence
  2. Mailfence is a security-centred email service provider that provides end-to-end encryption. This ensures that no one is able to read the messages between you and the other person. The Mailfence offers users with an email address along with an online service comprising of OpenPGP public key encryption. With the OpenPGP, users can easily access Mailfence using IMAP and SMTP via secured SSL/TLS connections with their chose email program.

    Mailfence offers users with features including two-factor authentication, digital signatures, zero advertisements and spam messages, and a file storage option among others. You can connect with our experts to know the best email service suiting your needs.

  3. Tutanota
  4. If you looking for an email service provider that comes with advanced encryption from sender and receiver’s end, chose Tutanota. All you need is an email account along with specifying a password which the receiver of the email can use to read the email. Tutanota comes with an easy-to-use web interface allowing users to create a secured email on a single-click. Tutanota uses AES and RSA for encrypting your emails.

    It offers users with a number of features including a free account with 1GB space, file attachment, and availability for iOS and Android devices among others. Connect with the McAfee Customer Support experts to secure all your email communications.

  5. ProtonMail
  6. ProtonMail is an encrypted email service provider that can be operated not only via a computer but also iOS and Android devices. This guarantees that no one can decrypt your encrypted emails without a unique password. Security is so important to ProtonMail that it cannot recover your emails and the decryption starts when you log in to your account.

    The ProtonMail offers users with many features including keyboard shortcuts, downloading the PGP keys, composing messages, and two-factor authentication among others. Let our specialists keep all your digital communication hidden from cybercriminals and data thieves.

  7. Hushmail
  8. Hushmail has been providing users with completely encrypted email service since 1999. It keeps all the emails safe and locked using the latest encryption standards. The encryption program is so strong that even Hushmail cannot read your email messages. You can use this service to send email messages to both Hushmail and non-users having Gmail, Outlook or other email accounts. The interface of Hushmail is simple and easy to use for sending and receiving email messages.

    This offers advanced features to users including auto-response, 10 GB storage space, and spam filter among others. You can rely on the expertise of the McAfee Customer Service professionals to keep your emails completely private.

  9. CounterMail
  10. If you are concerned with the total privacy of your email communication, count on CounterMail. This provides an OpenPGP encrypted email along with the option to store it on the CounterMail servers. CounterMail does not store your emails and every bit of data is stored on CD-ROM’s thereby countering the threat of data leak. You can also setup a USB drive for encrypting your email via CounterMail.

    Other features offered by CounterMail is that it provides a free account, is open source, hashed and salted passwords, and comes for iOS and Android devices. Count on the expertise of our professionals to keep your email secured against any cybercriminal.

What else can be done to secure my email communication?

Apart from using these email services, our experts suggest that you follow the tips mentioned below;

  1. Always be informed about Keyloggers that capture your typing pattern. These have the capability to completely fend-off encryption if all the hacker needs is your account password.
  2. When you are not around, ensure that you have password protection enabled for your mobile device as well as PC. Ensure that you create strong passwords along with removing any guest accounts. You can rely on our McAfee Customer Support UK professionals to keep your online accounts secured against any cybercrime.
  3. One of the common techniques used by cybercriminals includes Phishing that is done using email, VoIP and social networking messages. This is used for luring the user into sharing their financial and personal information.
  4. Never share or write down your passwords and always make a note of the passwords if you are using an encryption email service. We recommend that you have a reliable password manager installed on your system. Want to know more about keeping your email service comp

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